Best Sharpening Whetstones Under $100

I was asked to do a budget sharpening stone listing price and rank the best sharpening stone to buy. So without further ado, here it is:

If you guys want a bare budget, bare minimum stone $10-$12 – The Sharp Pebble or the whetstone cutlery 400/1000 grit stone is a really decent stone. The 400 grit side is actually very fast wearing so just be aware of that. The 1000 grit side is very responsive, it’s a soaking stone, true to grit, so I really like this stone on the 1000 side. The 400 I don’t use very often, I only use it to correct knives that are really dull. Overall good value for a $10 stone.

The next stone above that is the King 1000. The King 1000 is a very good quality stone for $20-25. They do fluctuate in price depending on when you buy them in the season or where you buy them. I generally get mine from eBay or Amazon.

The next stone above that is going to be the Cerax 1000. It’s a soaking stone and definitely one of my favorites. You’re jumping massively in terms of overall quality, price and performance from the King 1000 to the Cerax 1000. Although it’s double the price, it’s more than double the performance. In terms of usability, it’s slower wearing, more responsive, feels better while sharpening and I’ve been able to sharpen almost any knife up to a 66 Rockwell. The King 1000 can only sharpen knives up to a 62 to maybe a 63 Rockwell, but the Cerax 1000 can definitely handle knives much higher.

Above the Cerax 1000 would be the Chosera 800. The Chosera 800 is essentially very much like the Cerax 1000, but it’s a splash-n-go versus a soaking stone. It’s slightly faster cutting and it has ever so slightly better feedback. To me, it’s the next logical stone to go to. It’s about $20 more than the Cerax 100. Is it worth the $20 difference in price? No, if you’re just looking to get just raw performance because the Cerax 1000 is really that good of a stone. If you want a splash-n-go at that price range, it doesn’t really exist. The Naniwa Superstone 1000 is a splash-n-go, but it is very slow and it doesn’t have great feedback while costing the same as the Cerax 1000. In this case, you might as well get the Cerax 1000. 

Here is a summarized list of the four budget price points that I recommend:

$10 – Sharp Pebble 400/1000
$20-$25 – King Deluxe 1000
$50-60 – Suehiro Cerax 1000
$75-80 – Chosera 800


The Suehiro Cerax and Chosera 800 can handle any knife you can put at them. In my opinion, besides the Suehiro Cerax 1000 and the Chosera 800 there are no other sharpening stones better for your money.

Find my top picks and products mentioned at Amazon: 

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