Burrfection Knife

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This very first Japanese chef knife is special to me. To design my own custom knife, and having it made by Sakai Takayuki. My goal in designing this knife, was to make the best knife I could, while having limited resources, time, and knowledge in knife making.

Besides the challenges mentioned, this was a test of patience, and one of the greatest learning experiences for me. Seeing how knife making in Japan is a way of life for so many, for me, this was more about passion than anything else.

Without getting into every gritty detail, this knife, or the “final” production sample shown in the video, took many months to complete. Between the initial design phase, to the 3-4 production samples, with each taking about a month to complete, you can guess the approximate amount of time I have invested in this project. And for those who are curious, the entire project was fully funded by myself, without seeking money from subscribers or supporters, since I actually didn’t know how the end product was going to look and feel like, or if the knife was going to be made at all.

One of the things I learned, was that, the pace of life and business in Japan is different than what I am used to here in the United States. In Japan, perfectionism is a must, and perfection must never be rushed. I, on the other hand, like to rush, or rather, I like to work fast. Whether, or not, that is the most efficient way to work, when considering all things, can be left up to debate. I just know that during the initial design and sample production phase, nothing was moving at the pace I wanted, and if I am honest, that is still something I’m still struggling with when it comes to working with Japanese knife makers.

I understand perfection, but I’m not used to that being a requirement for EVERY aspect of a business or product.

At the end of it all, the seemingly endless months, and sleepless nights, I believe, is worth it. My very first, personal custom designed Japanese chef knife, is ready.