Don’t buy fake Japanese knives


You have been saving up to buy your first authentic Japanese knife. You have done all of your research and know what you will buy. But while you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, you are shown advertisements for 50-90% off retail knives. These advertisements claim the blades are made with “traditional methods” and sharpened […]

5 Biggest Lies of Knife Sharpening

I can act like many knife expert trolls online and tell you only the best will do. I can make outrageous claims about being able to push cut toilet paper. I can tell you I am the best knife sharpener, but I am not. I am giving you the same advice I would give a […]

Understanding Japanese Whetstone Grits

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I posted a video on this topic, so watch the video if you don’t like reading. There are three main whetstone categories.  Fixing: Whetstones with ratings up to 320 grit. These are for fixing chips on blade edges or bringing incredibly dull knives back to life. They are not for weekly use.  coarse: up to […]

Knife Sharpening Setup Basics

sharpening station

For those who do not want to read, this video should help Here are the essential items you will need for a sharpening kit. You can substitute any in this list with higher or lower cost items, so don’t worry if you cannot find the exact item in stock or if it is not available […]