Equine & Shell Cordovan Ultra Premium Leather Strop

Product image 1Equine & Shell Cordovan Ultra Premium Leather Strop
Product image 2Equine & Shell Cordovan Ultra Premium Leather Strop
Product image 3Equine & Shell Cordovan Ultra Premium Leather Strop
Product image 4Equine & Shell Cordovan Ultra Premium Leather Strop

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Equine Ultra Are The Ultimate Leather Strops:

  • Leather strops made with lesser quality leather sell for $200!
  • Equine leather has a very high concentration of silicate, and perfect for those who do not wish to load their strops with compounds.
  • Leather surface is VERY smooth, and can be used loaded or unloaded.
  • Base material is Acrylic / polycarbonate glass or carbon fiber

These are available in limited quantities.

Shell Cordovan are the ultimate leather strops.  

Do not pay for Leather strops made with LESSER quality leather that sell for $300 on ebay and Amazon

Shell Cordovan is considered the absolute best leather for making high end shoes, wallets, and of course, leather strops with. These finish on these strops are like glass, and the tanning and dying process takes over 6 months. 

These are available in EXTREMELY limited quantities. Only 10-12 strops made with Shell Cordovan are made each month.

These are super lightweight, and stiff, and perfect flat and come with silicone feet to keep from slipping!


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The best above the rest.

Gave away 3 of my wet stones & Pre Ordered you knife too. I watch all your videos.

Good product

Good quality at a good price.

Outstanding in every way

Quality, performance, and results were as expected and fast shipping. Will order from Burrfection again when the need arises. Please watch his videos as they are very accurate on what to expect.


The dual sided strop is fantastic. The combination of the rolled buffalo and cordovan covers all my needs.

Equine premium strop

I’ve been putting off this review because the strop looked too good to use. But I just stropped an 8” kitchen knife and a straight razor. This strop is velvety smooth! Works great. High quality materials and craftsmanship. Thanks Burrfection. Gil

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