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These are my current favorite whetstones I use for my knives. 

The Naniwa Professional are the new versions of the very popular "Chosera" line.  The only different is they now lack a plastic base.

The Professional 800 grit is the fastest and most responsive what I have used, that gives a usable edge on its' own.  An edge produced on the 800 grit can go straight into any home or professional kitchen, and keep up with the best sharpened knives. 

The Professional 3000, is one of the few rare stones that can sharpen a relatively dull knife, and double as a low-grit polishing whetstone. It's very fast cutting, and slow wearing, and just a joy to use for sharpening dully knives, or polishing a knife that has just been sharpened on a medium (sharpening) whetstone.

Cerax 1000 (soaking sharpening whetstone) : one of fastest and positive feeling whetstone I have used up to date, regardless of brand.  The tactile feedback is unmatched, even for whetstones that cost a lot more. It's also slow wearing, dense, and physically larger than most sharpening whetstones available. only 15-20 of soaking time required for optimal performance.


Customer Reviews

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Good selection of products

The selection of products and the accompanying videos demonstrating the use of them is excellent, albeit occasionally being out of stock. Everything is mostly as advertised and ships well packaged with original factory seals. The only minor gripe is with the whetstone base, which is designed in Japan, although manufactured in China.


Waiting for the pond I ordered. Have not tried whetstones yet.

Easy to use stone with great tactile feedback

This stone has a really great tactile feedback. You can feel when your cutting and when your at the correct angle.

great products

Thank you for the stones and strop they work like magic

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