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Cerax 1000 (soaking sharpening whetstone) : one of fastest and positive feeling whetstone I have used up to date, regardless of brand.  The tactile feedback is unmatched, even for whetstones that cost a lot more. It's also slow wearing, dense, and physically larger than most sharpening whetstones available.

My personal favorite sharpening soaker, even after years of searching, testing, and comparing whetstones.

only 15-20 of soaking time required for optimal performance.

205mm x 73mm x 27mm


Rika 5000: (soaking polishing whetstone): This whetstone is possibly the only soaking polishing whetstones on the market. I've tested dozens of similar grit whetstones, but none give you the same immediacy and tactile feedback.  It's fast cutting, and can certainly be used daily, or weekly, for edge maintenance, and well as being the final polishing whetstone.  

Also, the unique "kasumi" or hazy finish, is something I've always been a fan of, and have not found another stone that can give a similar finish, tactile feel, at this price point.  Even without the mirror polishing of similar grit whetstones, you cannot get a better edge from this 5000 grit polishing stone.

I have a broken one that is 3 years old, that I still use on my personal knives.

10 minutes of soaking is optimal 

measure 210mm x 75mm x  23mm 

Customer Reviews

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Suehiro 5000 waterstone

It's a great stone. It was suggested by Burrfection, so I took your exert advice. I'm very pleased. I also purchased a rolled buffalo hide strop. Used. I love it too. Thank you for the great instructional videos. They certainly are worth purchasing items from you. A real bargain. You should have classes.


Great service no problem with international shipping

Great whetstone, more than happy with it!

Purchased this stone based on many possitive reviews online. Just used it a few times, still working on my sharpening skills, but every time I use it I have a big smile on my face. It feels amazing, cuts really well and the results are great. I guess one of the best stones out there for the money. Thank you for a great product and quick shipping (to Canada) as well!

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