Buffalo Leather Strop

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Don't pay $60-$80 for crappy strops on Amazon and Ebay made of cheap leather and soft woods. 

The Buffalo Leather Strop has premium grade leather for stropping your knives and razors to their absolute sharpest. 

These buffalo hide strops are extremely glossy, and robust. They can be used with or without stropping compound, and will give your knives and razors an amazing edge. Buffalo hide is naturally oily, and glossy.

The hides are all between 7-9 oz in weight.

Dimensions available:
10 x 2.5" x 8mm thick for general stropping
12" x 3" x 8mm thick for larger knives

Bases Available:
1) Polycarbonate base - super tough and virtually indestructible

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product and better customer service

I am new to sharpening and wanted to start with the more inexpensive Buffalo strop. I received my package in three days. The product did not look like the photo so I emailed him a photo asking which product I received. I did not check my email till the following day. I had several email responses the previous evening indicating that I he had made a mistake and that Buffalo strop would be sent out the next morning. He said that he had sent me a Rolled Buffalo strop and that I could keep it. I sent an email indicating that he did not need to send me the correct item because I had in fact received an upgrade (item actually cost more than what I had purchased). He responded back that he had already shipped the correct strop and to enjoy both of them. Level of customer service that you don't see anymore. I just wish he sold other sharpening items on his site.


Buffalo Leather Strop


Well made and easy to use. Much nicer than most of the strops I found available elsewhere. Highly recommend.

Excellent Wuslity

I actually have 4 of these strops. One I leave bare, and the other three I have applied 2.0, 1.0, and 0.5 Boron Carbide emulsion (not to be confused with CBN).

Most of my knives are Wusthof and I finish those on the Green Brick of Joy or maybe a 3000 grit Chosera, then a few light stropping passes at 5000 or 8000 grit stone for final burr removal, and then 3-5 stropping passes on the bare leather to remove any micromaterial

I regularly use a smooth steel rod on my knives, and then when a steel is no longer realigning the edge I'll do quick touch ups on one of the Boron Carbide strops, followed up on the bare leather.

It dramatically reduces the frequency of having to take the knives to the stones.

For my Japanese and harder steel knives, I'll finish on an 8000 grit stone, followed by a few passes on the 0.5 micron strop, then finish on either the rolled buffalo, shell cordovan, or usually, the premium equine strops.


Great strop! I also purchased the premium equine strop. Both are very high quality and the perfect size for larger knives (12” models). Thanks for the great products!

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