Restoring Knife on Brick Wall

Bastard File: If you do not want to use a retaining wall, get a bastard file. Coarse grinding to remove a lot of material, but BE CAREFUL – you may remove too much material.

Atoma 140: This is my preferred method. It removes materials quickly but is more forgiving than the bastard file. Also, making micro-adjustments is easier with the diamond plate. When I have to pay attention to the curvature of a knife, I will always use the Atoma 140. 

Favorite Sharpening Kit: I skipped sharpening whetstones in the video, but they make sharpening much easier and faster. Once you are done removing the chip(s) and are satisfied with the cutting profile, you can move on to sharpening and polishing your knives as usual.

Strop: Stropping can help enhance the blade edge by removing micro-materials left behind by the polishing whetstone. Your blade edge will likely be very clean after polishing, and the strop will further enhance it. In this case, because I did a lot of the work on a coarse retaining wall, the blade would benefit from stropping.



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