Restoring Shun Classic Chef Knife

Bastard File: Coarse grinding to remove a lot of material, but BE CAREFUL – you may remove too much material.

Atoma 140: This is my preferred method. It removes materials quickly but is more forgiving than the bastard file. Also, making micro-adjustments is easier with the diamond plate. When I have to pay attention to the curvature of a knife, I will always use the Atoma 140. 

Favorite Sharpening Kit: Once you are done removing the chip(s) and are satisfied with the cutting profile, you can move on to sharpening and polishing your knives as usual.

Optional items

Strop: Stropping can help enhance the blade edge by removing micro-materials left behind by the polishing whetstone. Your blade edge will likely be very clean after polishing, and the strop will further enhance it.

Koyo Polishing Compound Blue: The Koyo polishing compound gives the knives a mirror after you finish sanding with 1000 or 2000 grit sandpaper. It does an incredible job of bringing out that extra sparkle on your blades.

Koyo Polishing Cloths: These work incredibly well and last about a dozen uses per sheet. Very handy to use when you do not want to deal with messy compounds. 



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