Understanding Japanese Whetstone Grits

I posted a video on this topic, so watch the video if you don’t like reading.

There are three main whetstone categories. 

Fixing: Whetstones with ratings up to 320 grit. These are for fixing chips on blade edges or bringing incredibly dull knives back to life. They are not for weekly use. 

coarse: up to 140 grit are strictly for fixing large chips 

medium 220-240 grit are for micro-chips on a blade edge

fine: 320 grit is for incredibly dull edges or the transition between fixing and sharpening whetstones.

Here are my favorites in this category.

Atoma 140 (Full review here) 

new atoma

Cerax 320 (Full review here

Screen Shot 2022 03 22 at 11.58.50 AM

Sharpening: 400 – 3,000 grit – whetstones in this grit range are too inefficient for fixing chips.

Coarse: 400-600 grit whetstones are great for dull knives but too slow for fixing chips

Medium: 800-1,500 grit range is the most critical and is where your knives will get their edges. 

Fine: 2000-3000 grit whetstones are not popular, but if used correctly, they leave your knives with incredible edges without needing to go to a 5k or 6k whetstone. Please read about my favorite 3K whetstone and how I maintain my knives.

Here are my favorites in this category.

Naniwa Pro 800 (Full review here) 

naniwa 800 1 1

Suehiro Cerax 1k (Full review here) 

Screen Shot 2022 03 22 at 11.35.38 AM

Naniwa Pro 3k (Full review here) 

naniwa 3k


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