Burrfection STROPS

These strops are made of the best quality buffalo, equine, and shell cordovan leather in the world. Each leather type is selected for specific properties that make them perfectly suited for their use-cases.

Daily Knife Edge Maintenance With Leather Strop

Watch this video and see how spending a minute stropping daily and keep your knives razor sharp and work-ready.

Burrfection premium leather strops

Rolled Buffalo

Perfect all-around strop

After testing dozens of types of leather, this particular grade of leather has proven to be suited for practically every type of knife steel. 

Equine Ultra

Premium Performance

High silicate, high performance. 

Shell Cordovan

The World's Finest

These finish on these strops are like glass, and the tanning and dying process takes over 6 months.

"My goal is to provide fair, unbiased reviews and comparisons for knives, cutlery, whetstones, and sharpening accessories."

-Ryky Tran, Founder of Burrfection

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